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I make $10,000 a month selling designer handbags online in Singapore

My name is Jane, this is not my real name or even my username, and I love to buy and sell designer handbags online. Lucky for me, my job allows me to travel to places in Europe and US pretty often. It is also during those times when there that I start shopping for designer handbags and accessories as it is much cheaper compare to buying in Singapore.

I was introduced to Deluxemall by a friend as she was buying and selling her bag online there. That was 2009 when I joined Deluxemall and sold my first bag. It is almost coming to 4 years now since I became a member and now I am a “senior” member there. Being a senior member gives me a reputation of being more trustworthy, the benefit for that is I get to sell my bags faster and quicker. I started bringing in more designer handbags and accessories from Europe to sell in Singapore at Deluxemall. This include bags, accessories and even shoes from popular Brands such as Miu Miu, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton to Hermes.  Today I make an average of SGD3,000 a month selling these branded handbags online. On a good month I can make more than SGD10,000 a month. Most of my clients are from Singapore but I do get overseas inquires at times.

What are my tips of my success? Following are few things that you may wish to adopt

1)  I Always take as many photo of the handbag that I am selling. I always keep a constant background when taking photo of my bag for sale to create some form of identity. I also include a written tag with my username on it inside all my photo to tell my buyers that I actually own that bag for sale. Watermarking is good but I have one buyer (which I have issue with) telling me that I can steal photo else where and watermark it. I Never use stock photo of the bag that I am selling, it not only infringe copyright but affect my reputation. If my buyers want more photo, I always email them at any angle they want.

2) I always leave my contact number in case my buyers need to contact me and I always insist I meet my buyer in person. When transacting, I prefer paypal or ATM transfer for paper trace. If payment is via cash, I will offer a sales agreement. I also will not rush my buyer, give them ample time and space to authenticate it. If they want to meet at a 2nd handbag shop to authenticate, I have no issue at all. If they want to meet at the boutique I can do so as well.

3)  I try to bump my listing at least once a day but I try not to spam by bumping too many times a day else you will make enemies or even worse get banned.

4)  I Make friends with other members and get good feedback. I also make friends with my buyer and keep them inform of new models coming in. I have a pool of regular customers at Deluxemall.

5)  I always stay active in the forums. If you are Jane at Deluxemall or Bagnatic, make sure you are the same Jane at other popular forums in Singapore like Hardwarezone, Flowerpod, Cozycot etc. I am lucky because I joined early at Deluxemall in 2009 when it first started.

6) I join ebay and bonanza as well as some overseas buyer prefer to buy from there.

7)  I Also list my bag for sale at as some buyers prefer a more organized marketplace compared to a forum and now I am upgraded to be a Dealer there.

Click Here to register at now if you are not a member yet. It is always good to join early as seniority does help to provide your buyers confidence when dealing with you.

If you are a senior member at Deluxemall or an Ebay with high rating or own a business selling designer bags online and like to be upgraded, contact Kelly for more detail. Email us at [email protected]