How to Know If a Burberry Purse is Fake

Many designer products today are being replicated due to the money they bring in.  Some people choose to buy fakes because of their much cheaper price. Besides, if you are only after the look of the item, then you as well buy a replica. Due to the advancement in technology today, you won’t be able to notice or distinguish a fake or from an original if you just look at them. You will need to examine each one closely if you don’t want to fall victim to counterfeits. Some people, on the other hand, buy original products because of their quality and durability even though they are quite expensive. Here are a few tips on how to know if a Burberry purse is a fake or not. These tips will tell you what to look for on a fake. Take in consideration each tip and you’re sure to avoid spending thousands of dollars.


Tip # 1

Check the stitching of the bag. Like all other high end brands of bag and purses, the stitching should be tight and following a single direction.

Tip # 2

Burberry bags and purses each have specific patterns on them. Two of the most frequently used patterns are Nova Check and Classic Check. You will need to familiarize yourself with these patterns. The Classic Check has a tan background with red, white, and black vertical and horizontal stripes, along with insignia of a knight at the intersection of red lines. The difference between the two is that on the Nova Check pattern, there is no knight insignia and the background has a shade of yellow. If the bag you want to buy doesn’t have any pattern whatsoever, then it is a fake.

Tip # 3

The alignment of the lines of the patterns should meet. If the bag is cylindrical, then check both of its sides, they should have the same pattern.

Tip # 4

Examine the lining of the bag. The lining in Burberry bags should be made from either pigskin suede, canvas, or with their signature fabric.

Tip # 5

The inside of the Burberry bag should have one of the following: a metal plaque with “Burberry-London” engraved on it, or a tag made from leather with the same markings on it. If the bag you want has a leather tag, then it should say “MADE IN ITALY” and a serial number at the other side. But if it doesn’t have the “MADE IN ITALY” sign, don’t worry, not all Burberry bags have them. Just make sure that all the other signs indicate that it is an original.

Tip # 6

The zippers on an original Burberry bag should either be gold or silver. If it has exterior zippers, then they should be made from metal, not some silver coated plastic. Interior zippers, on the other hand, can be made from plastic.